Poultry Slaughtering for the Future

Being at the forefront of technology, POLLOLIN’s plant produces poultry products under very strict quality standards. The new eviscerating machine, the automatic weighing system and the chilling tunnel have distinguished POLLOLIN S.A. as an Argentinean poultry breeding company of high technology. This infrastructure along with the highly qualified staff guarantee the quality products.
A cut-up processing plant is set up adjacent to the poultry processing plant where a wide range of products are packed: chicken cuts, breast fillets, chicken hamburguers, chicken breasts, chicken rolls, kebabs or brochettes, breaded chicken medallions; ready to be traded in the most demanding regional and international markets.

Good Feed Intake, Good Poultry Performance

In the city of Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires Province, POLLOLIN S.A. has its own feed mill called ALIBA S.A. It produces 12.000 tons of poultry feed with cereals and by-products of optimum quality so as to reach the required nutritional rations for each of the raising stages.
Moreover, POLLOLIN S.A. has two unloading railway terminals in Río Negro Province, one in Cipolletti and the other in Mainqué for transporting the poultry feed by railway freight.